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Class 1


All About Reception

Reception year is a time of great change for both children and their parents. It is a very exciting time for children and we have a lot of experience in helping them adjust to school life.

Out of this World - Term 1 and 2

This term Class 1 will be learning about ourselves and our families and how we have changed over time. After half term we will be looking at space and aliens.

Time Warp - Term 3 and 4

The focus for our topic work in Class 1 this term is ‘Once upon a time…’ stories.  We started with ‘The Gingerbread Man’ and after making and tasting them we went on a Gingerbread Man hunt! We have also learned some story making actions so that we can tell the story all by ourselves. This week we have been re-enacting ‘Little Red Riding Hood’, weaving her basket and making masks of the Wolf!  Next we will learn all about ‘The Three Little Pigs’. 

A Road to... - Term 5 and 6

This term class 1 is learning all about parks and farms.  Percy the Park Keeper is helping us to understand how parks are used and how we can help to look after them.  We will be investigating what plants need to grow and planting bean seeds. After half-term we will be looking at farming and the job of the farmer.  We will also visit a farm for our school trip.

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