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All About Year 1

In Year 1 children move from the Foundation Stage into Key Stage 1. We continue to build upon the progress the children have made during their Reception year and to encourage greater independence in subtle ways

Out of this World - Term 1 and 2

In Class 3 this term we will be exploring the world around us by observing and talking about the changes in the weather and the seasons. We will be improving our knowledge of number by beginning to recognise and count up to and beyond 20 and extending this further by learning our numbers bonds to 10.

As well as beginning to build sentences and using capital letters and full stops in our writing we will be looking at a variety of artists such as Mondrian and Van Gogh.

Time Warp - Term 3 and 4

During the Spring Term Class 3 will be looking at Traditional Tales such as Little Red Riding Hood and Jack and the Beanstalk. We will begin by learning that stories have a beginning, middle and end. Children will learn to write a recount of some of the tales using story openers, conjunctions and sequencing conjunctions.

The children will use their new knowledge to learn how to write for a purpose by writing letters, newspaper reports, and a non-chronological report based on non-fiction books linked with the stories.

The Children will delve into the past by looking at, discussing and comparing toys that children played with in the Victorian era to toys of today. The children will be experiencing some of the Victorian toys first hand as well as sharing some of their own. We will also be learning about Queen Victoria.

To help us take our step back in time the children will be learning how to tell the time using o’clock and half past the hour. So we always get back to the present day before home time!

A Road To... Term 5 and 6

In Class 3 this term we will be travelling across the British Isles finding out about what is special about each country. We will continue our travels by reading the story of Town Mouse, Country Mouse and comparing living in a town to living in the countryside.

We will also be looking at homes in hot and cold countries around the world through stories and non-fiction texts.

Whilst on our travels we will be writing letters, creating leaflets and re-telling the stories we have shared.

We are also excited to be learning about various artists including Andy Warhol, Paul Klee and recreating Cartonlandia by Ana Serrano.

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