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All About Year 2

Year 2 is a very important final year in Key Stage 1. We continue to build on the children's progress and help prepare them for life in Key Stage 2 and the Juniors.

Out of this World - Term 1 and 2

Year 2 (Classes 5 and 6) are using the ‘Out of this World’ topic to explore two different worlds…. We are learning about Neil Armstrong and his visit to the moon, using lots of lovely picture books and information books!  After half term we will be entering the world of Minibeasts – finding out all about habitats and animals for our Science work.

Time Warp - Term 3 and 4

Classes 6 are in a Time Warp!  We have been transported back to the 17th Century to investigate the causes and effects of the Great Fire of London in 1666.  We will be looking at Fire Safety then and now (with the help of the Gloucestershire Fire Service) and will also ‘meet’ two famous people from the time – Samuel Pepys and King Charles II – and see how they have shared their experiences of the Fire.   

A Road To... Term 5 and 6

Year 2 (Classes 5 and 6) are on a road to….. where?!  We are going to find out about how we fit into the wider world, by learning about where we live.  We will use maps, globes and atlases to look at how Cheltenham fits into the UK.  We will also find out the names of the continents and oceans of the world.     

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