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Class 9

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All About Year 4 and 5

Year 5 marks the move for children from lower to upper Key Stage 2. This year is where we provide children with opportunities to gain independence and to seek out, and accept, greater responsibility. In this mixed year group we continue to build upon the knowledge and skills the children have learnt in previous years.

Out of this World - Term 1 and 2

Through the Dragon’s Eye

During this term Class 9 are travelling through the dragon’s eye into new worlds. Keep your eyes peeled to see where the dragons will take you. Be sure not to get yourself burnt while exploring adventure and quest stories through fantasy lands; you may stumble upon a dragon’s egg…will you keep it? What will you do if you spot a dragon…how will you report it?

In science we will be exploring life cycles of reptiles and journeying to other planets.

As part of our topic work, Class 9 will be examining the mystical landscapes of dragons; dragon-rider costumes; how to keep a dragon healthy and how to entertain a dragon through music.

Time warp - Term 3 and 4

Marvellous monarchs

Class 9’s topic this term is marvellous monarchs! We have been learning about what it takes to be a successful monarch and all about late and great British monarchs. We have written a biography of Henry VIII already and are really enjoying our history and topic lessons. On our ‘WOW’ day we made a crown, orb and sceptre and loved being crowned Kings and Queens of Class 9. We will be learning about how different monarchs ruled Britain differently and what impact it had on society at the time.

A Road To... - Term 5 and 6

This term, Class 9 are on a road to… Rio! We will be travelling the world on a Harley Davidson exploring the continents as we go. We will be exploring where our food comes from, the food miles it has travelled to make it onto our plates, as well as learning about the rivers of the world that were used to transport our foods years ago.  We will be learning about extreme weathers and natural disasters, such as flooding, earthquakes, volcanos and tsunamis and considering the effect that these have on the land and people who are affected by them. We have already visited Asia, Antarctica and Australasia during our ‘WOW’ day and can’t wait to see where our topic takes us next!

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