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All about Year 5

Year 5 marks the move for children from lower to upper Key Stage 2. This year is where we provide children with opportunities to gain independence and to seek out, and accept, greater responsibility.

A Night at the Museum

Class 10, 11 and 12 will be spending ‘A night at the Museum’ where will be discovering the ‘Mysterious Maya’. We will be learning when and where the early civilisation appeared and will be introduced to their amazing achievements. We will explore when and why writing and number systems started to be used, find out how trade developed, investigate ancient structures, as well as explore other inventions created by the mysterious Maya.

Up, Up and Away

During the spring term, class 10 will be finding out about the continents of North America and South America, and the countries that form them. We will look in more detail at some of the contrasting areas of North America, finding out about some of the landscapes, climates and locations in each area.

At the end of the unit, we will research a trip to an area of North America and create tour guides to share what we have found.

Alongside our Americas topics, in science and music we will be exploring Earth and Space, whilst in PE we will be completing volleyball sessions and we will be swimming throughout the spring term.

Lane of Make Believe

As part of our whole school topic for this term, the Land of Make Believe, the children will be exploring the wonderful world of Zootropolis. The children will use this stimulus to inspire work across the curriculum.

Our English work will focus on creative story writing and we will also examine persuasive texts, advertisements, newspaper reports and diary writing. In science the children will be exploring forces, humans and their bodies and living things and their habitats. As part of DT the children will have the opportunities to produce popsicles and make ‘Wish Boxes’ using the artwork of Clarice Cliff as an inspiration. In music we will explore the music of the movies whilst in PE we will be developing our skills in the summer sports of cricket, rounders and athletics. Towards the end of the summer term, the children will also take part in our summer production: Treasure Island.

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