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All About Reception

Reception year is a time of great change for both children and their parents. It is a very exciting time for children and we have a lot of experience in helping them adjust to school life.

A Night at the Museum

Classes 1 and 2 are having fun settling into school and learning about ourselves.

We will be looking at our families, parts of our body and who our friends are.

After half term, we will be exploring dinosaurs and learning some songs for the nativity play.

Up, Up and Away

This term classes 1 and 2 are going ‘Up, Up and Away’ with the seagulls!

We will be making a 3D map of the school and surrounding area and learning about seasons and the weather.

In English we will be looking at rhymes and poems, following instructions and finding out about different homes.

Land of Make Believe

In classes 1 and 2 this term, our learning will be inspired by the Jack and the Beanstalk story. We will be planting beans and keeping a diary, measuring using the Giant’s feet, planting grass heads, cress and tomato seeds. We will end the term with a trip to Over Farm and an assembly to the whole school to showcase our Jack and the Beanstalk story making.


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