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Class 2


All About Reception

Reception year is a time of great change for both children and their parents. It is a very exciting time for children and we have a lot of experience in helping them adjust to school life.

Time Traveller

This term, Classes 1 and 2 are learning about stories from long ago. We are investigating the best materials to use for building houses with the Three Pigs. Making friends with the Troll from the Three Billy Goats Gruff and running as fast as we can with the Gingerbread man (we may also make our own gingerbread men!). Little Red Riding hood will take us on a maths adventure, when we have to share her biscuits with the characters we meet along the way and we will be planting beans and measuring our beanstalks with Jack!

As you can see we have a very busy term!

Hocus Pocus

This term we will be settling the children into school and finding out about ourselves and our families. Our topic is Hocus Pocus and we will be using Meg and Mog stories to support our learning throughout the term. We are looking forward to getting to know the children and making the start to their school life a positive experience.

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