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All About Year 5

Year 5 marks the move for children from lower to upper Key Stage 2. This year is where we provide children with opportunities to gain independence and to seek out, and accept, greater responsibility.

Term 3 and 4

The Land of Make Believe

Travel with Year 5 to the ‘Land of make believe’. Pupils’ will explore different texts, such as traditional stories and Myths and Legends, to create narratives of make-believe. To add, their writing will demonstrate their debating and persuasive skills, as well as producing instructional texts - they will also produce poetry using a specific poetic style. As dragon’s lairs can be extraordinary places, pupils will explore living things and their habitats and create moving dragons.

Term 1 and 2

Night in the Museum

This term, Year 5 will venture back to the past to explore World War II. They will discover the events which led up to the declaration of war; the significant individuals that were involved in controlling the conflict; and the allies and axis of Britain. They will understand and respond to the question…’What was life like during the war for those in Britain?’ To answer these questions, they will research the ideas of rationing, evacuation and the Battle of Britain. They will respond through writing newspaper articles and biographies on Sir William Churchill, Neville Chamberlain or Adolf Hitler. They will make gas masks; create war time meals and explore military uniforms and design their own.

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