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Mrs Smith - Parent

' I am a parent of 4, all of whom have attended or still attend Gardners Lane Primary School.
All of my children have excelled within the school and have left with all the attributes needed and more, preparing them for secondary school.
I feel the school has supported all of my children excellently, each with different academic abilities. They have enabled them to all to flourish.
My eldest went on to Pates 6th form, then studied Forensic Psychology at Cardiff University.
Another gained a scholarship for her academic abilities into Cheltenham Ladies College. Gaining 11 A** in her GCSE exams. She is currently applying for a career in medicine.

Thanks to the teaching abilities of the staff, they have all provided the groundwork needed for them to excel.

I can’t thank the school enough for everything they have done and continue to do for my family.


Parent via our Facebook Page

"Appreciate the effort and commitment shown by the teachers and supporting staff during these unprecedented times. It takes lot of passion and enthusiasm to go out of your comfort zone and learn new skills to educate kids. You are the real "Super Heroes". Three cheers to all!!!"

Parent via our Facebook Page

'Think you are doing brilliant with Dojo, its not an easy task but the videos from teachers really help x'


Diego - Pupil

'I am new to Gardners Lane and I love to come to school because the teachers are friendly and I enjoy playing with my friends.'

Miss Wellsteed- Teacher

'The teachers at Gardners Lane are dedicated and committed to supporting the children in our care, along with their families.  Children work hard and enjoy their time at our school.  Gardners Lane is a happy, friendly place, and I love teaching here!'


Archie - Pupil

'This is the best school I have ever been to. There is so much here I like! My helper is really nice and kind and she always helps me. Sometimes the work is a little hard, but my teacher is always there to help. Science is the best! It's really fun because you get to do experiments.'

Miss Taylor - Teacher

' At Gardners Lane we encourage all children to aim high in order to achieve their goals. We offer many lunchtime and after school clubs, which is inclusive of all children, enabling them to further their passions. Whether they want to dance, play football, build Lego or join in the Samba band, there is something for all the children at our school.  '


Jonothan - Pupil

'I like Gardners Lane Primary School because the teachers are the best. We learn Maths, English, SPaG and Arithmetic. The English is good because you have to write different stories. You will find some very, very good friends. You will enjoy it.'

Lacey - Pupil

' I love coming to GLPS because my teachers and friends are so supportive.  '


Mrs Colwell - Ex Key Stage 2 Lead

'Gardners Lane provides a warm, friendly and supportive environment for children, families and staff. We give every child the opportunity to fulfil their potential; aspiring and achieving to be the best they can.'

Mrs Pearce - Teaching Assistant

'We plan a creative curriculum - a lively, hands on, cross-curricular approach to work which engages and inspires the children!'  


Mrs Walker - Past Parent

'I have been at Gardners Lane everyday for the past eight years! My son settled into school very quickly with the help and support of both the teachers and teaching assistants. This support and caring role continued each year. He was always encouraged in everything he did - academically and with his love of sports. He was able to leave Gardners Lane with great satisfaction that his hard work and the fantastic range of experiences had given him the best possible start in secondary school. One teacher had given us help and advice on choosing schools which would best suit him - he got his first choice school and is continuing to do extremely well due to the grounding Gardners Lane gave him.

My daughter is currently attending Gardners Lane, although the school has changed a lot in this time the teaching staff are still dedicated to the children and their learning. The bond the children have with both teachers and teaching assistants help the children to engage in the learning and gain to the best of their ability.

Gardners Lane offer a wide range of after school clubs which are popular with the children. The staff are very approachable and greet both children and parents with a warm and friendly manner - they are always happy to listen to any concerns and will try to sort things out as soon as possible.'

Mr Smith - Previous Teacher

' Gardners Lane offers a fun and inclusive environment. Since joining I have been very impressed by the hard working culture at the school. I can say from first hand experience that our pupils and staff are friendly and welcoming. '  


Mrs Wheatly - Parent Governor

‘Gardners Lane is a happy and pleasant school.  The staff and pupils are kind and supportive to each other.  Each student is provided with the tools necessary to succeed and flourish in their education.

The school provides a great support network for parents to help their children succeed.’

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