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Language of the Term

As you know, at Gardners Lane Primary School we are very proud of the many languages spoken by our community and we like to value the languages spoken in school and others whenever we can.

At the start of this academic year it was decided that as a school we would celebrate ‘Language of the Term’ and by doing so enjoy learning some words of a new language each term. So far we have learned some Hindi, British Sign Language, Polish and Portuguese.

In Term 5 our Language of the Term will be Romanian and when in school pupils will be encouraged to learn how to say ‘Welcome’, ‘Hello’, ‘Good morning’, ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Thank you’ and also some numbers in Romanian.

During this time of Home schooling for many of us, why not use the link to the website below to have a go at saying some words together in Romanian at home? https://www.newburyparkschool.net/lotm/polish/player.html

You might also like to look for ‘Resource Packs’ on the menu on the home page and select ‘Romanian’ from the drop down list of languages. There you will find a selection of resources to learn more about Romanian and some more Romanian words!

Have fun with languages!

Polish Spotlight 2020


The ‘Polish Spotlight’ is a special strand of the Stephen Spender Prize, open to all UK or Irish citizens or residents, or pupils at British Schools overseas. There are three age categories for entrants: 18-and-under, 14-and-under and 10-and-under.

This year, we are inviting entrants to translate one poem from the curated selection.



Mantra Lingua


Mantra Lingua is offering families free access to their e-library.

You are asked to fill in a form on the page and Mantra Lingua will send an email with an access code for you to download and read any of the books on computers, laptops, tablets or smart phones. However the offer ends on 31st August!


Mind Heart


A short book (in a variety of languages) to support and reassure children, under the age of 7, regarding the COVID-19.


My Hero is You


This book was a project developed by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Reference Group on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings (IASC MHPSS RG).



This year, Ramadan begins when the sun sets on 6 May. Whether it's your little one's first year of fasting or you'd like to explain Ramadan to your non-Muslim child, here are some facts to get you started. 


Young Interpreters


Hello to all our Young Interpreters!


It’s a very unusual and difficult time for us all but I would like to thank you all for ‘doing the right thing’ and keeping yourselves safe and healthy during the next few weeks and months.


You know how proud we all are of your bilingual skills and we hope that you are using those skills to talk with family members and friends who you may not be able to be with at the moment.


We also hope that if you are not in school you are logging on to the school’s website to find lots of fun things to do to keep your brains and bodies active!

The Young Interpreters Scheme website also has some ideas so why not have a look at it and try some of the activities there:



(Hint: Make sure you are signed in using Google Chrome before entering the games otherwise they will not play properly.)


We are all very proud that there are 21 languages including English spoken by children and their families at Gardners Lane Primary School.

The celebration of the diversity of language and culture in the school’s community is very important to us and as part of our whole school practice we celebrate a different language each term. We celebrate this as Language of the Term.

Using resources from the website below (many thanks to Newbury Park Primary School in London) we encourage our children to learn and speak a few words of each Language of the Term and to learn a little about the country or countries in which that language is spoken. https://www.newburyparkschool.net/lotm/index.html

All our children have been very interested to learn a few words of different languages and those children who speak languages other than English at home feel very proud that their classmates are using some words in their Family language.


In Term 2 our Language of the Term will be Polish.

We will be learning how to say: ‘Welcome’, ‘Hello’, ‘Good morning’, ‘Yes’, ‘No’ and ‘Thank you’.

During the half term holiday, why not use the link to the website below to have a go at saying these words together home? https://www.newburyparkschool.net/lotm/polish/player.html

You might also like to look at the ‘Learn Polish’ page to learn some more Polish words!


This academic year our Language of the Term in Term 1 has been Hindi which has linked to our learning about the Hindu celebration of Diwali. Children have been using some words of Hindi, e.g. ‘Namaste’, ‘Swagat’ and ‘Shukriya’ and learning that although Hindi is mainly spoken in northern and central India it is also widely spoken in South Africa, Bangladesh, Yemen, Uganda and the UK.

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