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English as an Additional Language

At Gardners Lane Primary School we are privileged to have in our care children from across the globe and, as an inclusive school, we value greatly the culture, religions and language diversity that these children and their families bring with them.

Our school aims to ensure that all children receive the support required to gain maximum benefits from their learning whilst in our care. For children who are learning English as an additional language support is provided both inside and outside of the classroom environment should they require it.

Our EAL Lead, Mr Bray, works closely with teachers and with children to ensure that all learners who speak languages other than English can access the full curriculum and have their rich language skills and heritage celebrated at school.

Language of the Term

We are all very proud of the variety of languages spoken by our school community. There are now 27 languages including English spoken by children and their families at Gardners Lane Primary School.

The celebration of the diversity of language and culture in the school’s community is very important to us and as part of our whole school practice we celebrate a different language each term. We celebrate this as ‘Language of the Term’.

Using resources from the website below (many thanks to Newbury Park Primary School in London) we encourage our children to learn and speak a few words of each Language of the Term and to learn a little about the country or countries in which that language is spoken.


In the new academic year 2021-22 we have decided to provide more depth to this by focussing on the chosen ‘Language of the Term’ for 2 terms each.

So, from September until the end of December 2021 our ‘Language of the Term’ will be Romanian; from January 2022 until April we will be learning Bengali; and from April until July 2022 the focus will be on Polish.

Why not join us in practicing some Romanian with your children at home?





Good morning

Bună dimineaţa

Thank you



La revedere

Well done!

Foarte bine!


My Hero is You


This book was a project developed by the Inter-Agency Standing Committee Reference Group on Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Emergency Settings (IASC MHPSS RG).


Mind Heart


A short book (in a variety of languages) to support and reassure children, under the age of 7, regarding the COVID-19.


Library of Translated School Letters

Please use the following link https://webapps.mantralingua.com/library/document/?utm_campaign=LockdownMM to access a library of translated school letters, words and paragraphs.

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