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Physical Education


We aim to

  • Enable the children to understand that exercise is an essential part of a healthy life style.

  • Provide opportunities through a programme that enables our children to make informed choices about activities they wish to follow whilst at school and in the future.

  • Help our pupils to move efficiently and safely by improving their agility, control, balance and co-ordination.

  • Develop self-esteem by valuing each child’s contribution.

  • Develop community links with the teacher training facility at the University Of Gloucestershire and through the Cheltenham & North Tewkesbury School Sport Network of which we are a gold member.

  • Provide out of hours sports opportunities.

P.E. provision at Gardners Lane

The children in Key Stage 1 will be taught dance, gymnastics and games each year. In Key stage 2 the children will be taught dance, gymnastics, games, athletics and outdoor adventurous activities. The children will work in the hall, on a playground or on the school playing field. Some children may travel off site to take part in physical education activities at the University Of Gloucestershire, sports festivals and sports matches. Up to 2 hours of physical activity will be delivered to children each week, this will be made up of sessions within school, teaching provided at the University of Gloucestershire, and through extra-curricular activities. We also endorse the new National Curriculum guidelines for PE outlined below.

PE in the new National Curriculum 2014: The Aims

  • Competent pupils are able to excel in a broad range of physical activities

  • Pupils have the ability to be physically active for sustained periods of time

  • Pupils are able to engage in competitive sports and activities

  • Pupils to be supported to lead healthy and active lifestyles

Our Partnership with the University of Gloucestershire

  • Children throughout all age ranges at Gardners Lane receive thorough teaching with Dr Brown of the University of Gloucestershire and a group of either B Ed or PGCE students. The work with students is completed on a one to one basis and provides excellent support that plays a considerable role in the development of Gardners Lane Pupils' physical education. This support is provided at the 'Leisure@Cheltenham' sports hall.

Extra-Currciular Opportunities

  • We aim to provide a programme of extra-curricular physical education activities at school and at the University Of Gloucestershire, which will involve a high number of children. Our philosophy is open access. We meet other schools through taking part in matches, tournaments and festivals. Groups or teams are chosen from those attending the clubs and showing good effort towards work and behaviour in all aspects of school. A calendar of up and coming sporting events can be found below, and please see our School Clubs page (under school information) for a breakdown of the clubs that will be provided during the current term..


  • Children in year 3 will receive 30-minute swimming instruction weekly for two terms of the year. This will be held at the ‘Leisure@Cheltenham’ swimming pool. Children in years 4-6 will receive one term of 30-minute swimming instruction.  

Promoting a Healthy Lifestyle

Here at Gardners Lane we aim to promote health and well-being throughout the school year through a range of interactive and inspiring activities. These include:

  • Providing children with a range of sporting equipment and games that can be used at playtimes

  • Regular whole school Wake n’ Shake sessions during the summer term

  • Studying healthy living, understanding our bodies and foods in the classroom (Science, PSHE)

  • Sports Leaders, in which ‘leaders’ are chosen from year 6 to support and guide younger children in playing a variety of activities at playtimes, that promote co-operation, teamwork and fair play

  • An identified Health Week, during which the children will have the opportunities to take part in wide variety of healthy and sporting activities, including: mini gym games for KS1, a climbing wall for KS2, inter-school sporting festivals and events, and site visits focussing on food sources and cooking

Advice for Parents

All children require PE kit, and where possible to be left in school during term time. Our PE kit consists of: Blue shorts, tracksuit bottoms (to be worn for outdoor PE in cold weather), white polo top / T-shirt, and black pumps or trainers for outdoor PE.Children’s participation in PE is a statutory requirement. Therefore, we would like parents to inform us if a child cannot take part in physical education and if this extends beyond a week we would request a note from the parents or doctor. Whenever possible for other physical education activities we aim to involve non-participants by observing and assisting.

PE and Sport Grants

Following the success of the London Olympics 2012, the Government is providing additional funding of £150 million per annum for academic years 2013 to 2014 and 2014 to 2015 to improve provision of physical education (PE) and sport in primary schools. This funding – provided jointly by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture and Media and Sport – will be allocated to primary schools to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children.


This funding is ring-fenced and therefore can only be spent on provision of PE and sport in schools. Schools must spend the additional funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they will have the freedom to choose how they do this.


Membership to School’s Sport Network

What we get from our membership?

On top of curriculum support from within our school cluster, the membership also provides the school with opportunities for continued professional development, provision for the gifted and talented and for those children who qualify for Sportsability, opportunities for specialist coaches to come in and work with the children, and support for monitoring and evaluating our schools sports provision for our children.

The membership also provides us with a number of competitive opportunities for children at Gardners Lane. A breakdown of the events we are currently taking part in through the Schools Sport Network, can be seen below.

We are currently looking to spending the extra funding on:

  • A variety of staff training – model lessons, professional development meetings, courses in a range of different sports – to continue to develop the provision of PE here at Gardners Lane.

  • Monitoring the teaching and learning of PE across KS1 and KS2

  • Additional schemes of work, to further enrich PE lessons.

  • Additional Sports specific coaching, providing children with the opportunities to work with specialists in a range of sports

  • Replace and update sports equipment for KS1 & KS2; and source additional sporting and games equipment for play & lunch time activities.

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