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Please click on the 'HOME LEARNING' link on the left to access work for your child during school closure.

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Covid19 Guidance & useful information for parents

Free school meals

* The Government are going to issue food vouchers for families who are eligible for Free School Meals *
Find out if you are eligible you using the following link:
PLEASE NOTE - This is different to infant free school meals which all children from Reception - Year 2 receive in school.


Welcome to Gardners Lane Primary School

Gardners Lane Primary School is a happy, lively School with strong links in the community. Gardners Lane School is a co-educational county primary day school, which is not affiliated to any religious denomination. It takes children aged 4 to 11 years. more...


Win-a-lot the dog

The Key Stage 2 class with the most House Points...

Class 8


Buxton Bear

The Key Stage 1 class with the most House Points...

Class 4

Language of the Term...


We are all very proud that there are 21 languages including English spoken by children and their families at Gardners Lane Primary School.

The celebration of the diversity of language and culture in the school’s community is very important to us and as part of our whole school practice we celebrate a different language each term. We celebrate this as Language of the Term.

Using resources from the website below (many thanks to Newbury Park Primary School in London) we encourage our children to learn and speak a few words of each Language of the Term and to learn a little about the country or countries in which that language is spoken. https://www.newburyparkschool.net/lotm/index.html

All our children have been very interested to learn a few words of different languages and those children who speak languages other than English at home feel very proud that their classmates are using some words in their Family language.

Find out more on our Parental Engagement page.

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